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Meditaci?n IAM Cancun Mexico




Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique is a simple combination of yoga, pranayama and meditation that can be done in 35 minutes each day. The technique is a synthesis of traditional and well-proven methods adapted to the mental condition, time constraints and the needs of modern man. The IAM has no specific religious symbolism or profess any faith towards a particular God. It is a healthy practice for all types of people. It has been developed by the renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader, Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma.








It is a powerful meditation technique created by Amma to help people to reach the fullness of life. The technique makes the mind subtler, facilitates relaxation, concentration and a sense of deep personal conscience. The disciples formed by Amma taught this technique for free around the world, not only to individuals but also to corporations and institutions that request.



Meditaci?n IAM en Canc?n


For spiritual seekers meditation is a must. The one and only desire of a sincere seeker of spiritual life goes beyond the ego and the limitations of the body, mind and intellect. A true seeker is not interested in the material benefits of meditation. For that kind of person, the IAM TECHNIQUE is a blessing. Born of the divine sankalpa (resolution) of Amma, this meditation will raise you to the highest peaks and spiritual experiences, no doubt.

This technique is called Integrated Amrita Meditation because through its practice, provides integration into our lives: integration of body, mind, intellect and heart, an integration of our inner true with God.



When asked about the benefits of this meditation, our beloved Amma says: "As a flying spaceship to another planet, this meditation technique will lead to those seeking spiritual life to higher levels of consciousness and finally to the final liberation". If a person practices this meditation daily with shraddha (attention and loving trust), bhakti (devotion) and faith, these results will come."

The basic purpose of meditation is to purify the mind. The heat created by meditative concentration burn, slowly but inevitably, the impurities of the mind, their likes and dislikes, in a word the ego. Only an uncontaminated mind is capable of performing the Self. The IAM TECHNIQUE makes it for a fast track. It is comparable to the difference between flying on a rocket or an airplane.

Meditaci?n IAM en Mexico


Who can practice IAM?


Anyone with more than 18 years old and agrees to practice it for 35 minutes every day and keep the secret of this teaching. It costs nothing, but is more valuable than gold. The wisdom of the masters who have had this vision has always been free of charge to the disciples who have a real desire. Amma, according to ancient tradition and showing her compassion, offers this technique free of charge to her children.

Sometimes a symbolic donation to support the costs of the course and the food on offer is requested.




For information on courses in Initiation of the Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM) write to:





FROM 7:15 pm TO 8:30 pm
You need to present your card certifying that already took the course


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"Children, when you sit for meditation, do not think that you can still your mind immediately. At first, you should relax all parts of your body. Loosen your clothes if they are too tight. Make sure that the spine is erect. Then close your eyes and concentrate your mind on your breath. You should be aware of your inhalation and exhalation. Normally we breathe in and out without being aware of it, but it should not be like that; we should become aware of the process. Then the mind will be wakeful.