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Hatha Yoga en Cancun

The path of devotion


The first step in the spiritual path is the Satsang . Sat means supreme truth, Sang means association. Therefore, in the true sense of the word, Satsang means partnering with the truth or be in communion with the truth. However, as most of us are not able to do so, the best way for Satsang is to be in contact with someone who resides in the truth. If we cannot be in the company of a realized master, we should at least try to relate to people who care about spirituality. In their presence, we can think of God and remember the goal of human life. So Amma asks her devotees to meet regularly to praise God, sing, meditate, pray, read spiritual books and discuss spiritual topics. That's Satsang too.



Each time we participate in some form of Satsang with sincerity and concentration, we create positive vibrations within. There are many attractions and distractions in the world. When we get carried away by the many current hobbies, we shake our mind unnecessarily, we alter and are in tension. Satsang helps to keep the mind above all these attractions and distractions, allowing us to remain in relative peace and quiet.


Satsang groups are promoted by Amma worldwide, to renew the feeling of Divine Love and opening practice. With this type of event is given an opportunity to all those people who feel they belong to Amma's family, to meet regularly and participate in spiritual practice as Amma advised.


The goal of each participant in Satsang is trying to cultivate the values and teachings of Amma in their lives and promote their spiritual development.

Amma says that when ten people gather to do spiritual practice, increases tenfold the spiritual vibration generated in the atmosphere and each member gets ten times.




Cancun Satsang
Mondays 7:30pm
Cancun AMMA Center


Cel Phone: (52) 998 865 5617



Some of our activities in the Satsang:






Verses describing a Deity and help the devotee to bring the mind to come to meditation.

Satsang Cancun - Mantras





Is mystical energy encapsulated in a sound structure. It is divine power manifested in a sound body. Through concentration and repetition of a mantra, energy comes and takes shape. Each mantra is designed based on the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. The word mantra comes from the "manas" Sanskrit roots whose meaning is mind and "tra" meaning free, hence the mantra is a method of mind protection. The repetition of the mantra is a way to concentrate and purify the mind. It is considered a very effective spiritual practice.

Satsang Cancun - Bhajans






Are devotional worship songs to all forms of God. Are the way to concentrate the mind on the Divine. Often implore Him or Her to stay with us constantly. These songs belong to the tradition of Bhakti Yoga, and are used to develop a fervent love and devotion to God, they purify and concentrate the mind.

Satsang Cancun - Meditaci?n



From the standpoint of yogic philosophy the human being is in a state of ignorance that leads him to identify with the body and the mind, and leads him to ignore his own essential nature. This essential nature is beyond the material world, but also beyond the mind and its manifestations. The yogic tradition says that behind this veil of mind and body is the Self, the state of pure consciousness, whose nature is bliss and lasting peace, which brings a state of equanimity and inner peace. That is why the purpose of meditation is to transcend these veils, transcend the identification with the body, senses and mind. The purpose of meditation is to attain this state of deep peace in which the subject and object disappear, leaving only pure consciousness.

Satsang Cancun - Arati






Arati is a light offering to the Divine with a lamp of oil and camphor. The flame represents the individual consciousness and the oil symbolizes devotion constantly flowing. Camphor is a substance that is consumed without leaving any trace. During Arati we express devotion to God, imagining that all our negative tendencies will be consumed in the fire of spiritual effort and reach our limited minds to join the Infinite Consciousness.

Satsang Cancun - Prasad






Food offered to the gods, accepted and blessed by them, and that is distributed to the devotees. It is a gift that involves devotion and generosity.

Satsang Cancun - Seva







Amma always offers the opportunity to perform selfless service to others. When the job is offered without expecting any fruit, is called "SEVA" in Hindu tradition. This type of service is considered an important means of practical and spiritual evolution, as it reduces the selfish attitude of many of our actions.

"Prayer is surrendering the ego. From deep within you are trying to reach out and become expansive.